Dr. Monaghan is a transnational historian of modern Europe and the First World War, meaning that she prefers to focus on topics that naturally cross both national and state boundaries.  She is particularly interested in the relationships between war and society, the development of democracy and human rights, and the interplay between secularization and “resacralization” in the modern period.

Monaghan Protecting Democracy from Dissent

Protecting Democracy From Dissent

Protecting Democracy from Dissent: Population Engineering in Western Europe, 1918-1926, is published by Routledge and available from major retailers, including Amazon.  In the aftermath of the First World War, democracy became the watchword for a new Europe.  Yet as people became more involved in choosing their governments, governments became more involved in choosing their people.  This is the story of one aftermath of the “war to make the world safe for democracy.”

DSC_0067Current Book Project

Dr. Monaghan’s next project investigates changing ideas about human rights in Europe in the aftermath of the First World War. This new project aims to investigate the hypothesis that the relationship between the First World War and the birth of human rights is based in a change in the way that people — both elite and ordinary — perceived ideas of faith and salvation and brought them down to earth.


Other Research

Dr. Monaghan has also written and presented on other topics, particularly on issues surrounding transnational soldiers and veterans of the First World War.  You can read her article, “Whose Country, Whose Soldiers, Whose Responsibility? First World War Ex-Servicemen and the Development of the Irish Free State, 1923–1939” in Contemporary European History.